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The OMG! Shop

OMG! Catering for your events and celebrations

Option 1: Onsite Cooking with "Vee"

“Vee” is our purpose built for OMG! food trailer. She measures 2.4m wide and 4.5m long and lowers to the ground so serving is at eye level. The draw bar can be folded up so the length is reduced to 3.0m.purpose built

We need a space to park & access to electricity or permission to use generators.

Full Payment required on confirmation of booking.

Cancellation fees apply if cancelled less than 60 days before event – full details available on application

Option 2: Offsite cooking in The OMG! Shop at 217 Sheridan Street, Cairns North

OMG! Catering with The OMG! Shop

The OMG! Shop in Sheridan Street can cater for smaller functions where cooking on site is not required.

A 1.6% card surcharge is added to card payments

Call us to discuss further and arrange a booking

The OMG! Menu

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